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Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

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N-Lite LaserAcne Treatment
The highly effective acne treatment available at The Laser and Light Medical Cosmetic Clinic in Loughborough, UK. N-Lite or Regenlite is a type of laser utilising the power of amplified light and dye to treat acne and stimulate collagen.
Chemical Peels
From the mildest peels that just gradually renew your skin with almost no downtime, to the most aggressive that give impressive shedding and need a week off work, there is a skin peel that can be customised to suit your skin colour, type and expected results.
Skin peels improve skin texture, tone, reduce fine lines, improve scarring and even stretch marks and stimulate collagen productions and skin renewal.
If you want a treatment that is a good 'jack of all trades' that does a bit of everything, a chemical peel is the answer.

Whilst many beauty salons will offer this as a mild treatment to renew the surface of the skin, the Laser and Light Clinic has medical grade microdermabrasion, which will regenerate and stimulate the skin surface, improving the appearance of scars, fine lines and minor skin imperfections.

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Genuine Dermaroller
Fraxel is one of the latest laser treatments for aggresive skin rejuvenation, but it carries with it a long and impressive down time, but excellent results.  At the Laser and Light Clinic, we do not offer Fraxel, but instead offer a treatment called the Genuine Dermaroller.

Dermaroller can increase the amount of elastic tissue in the skin by upto 200% per treatment.  It is a non aggressive, minimally invasive treatment with about 24 hours of downtime and results that continue to improve for months after the treatment.

If you would love to have the results of a chemical peel or fraxel laser, but cannot face the down time, Genuine Dermaroller is the treatment for you.

Genuine Dermaroller Treatment:
"I bumped in to someone I had not seen for a few years and she said I looked younger today than I did when she last saw me!  I had to tell her about the Dermaroller Treatment and the 'Snail Serum' that Aissa recommneded.  My pores have shrunk and my skin has become firmer.  Such a great result!"
AA, Loughborough
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