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Laser Hair Removal

Hair where you don't want it is a very personal problem.  At best it is an inconvenience, but at worst, it is a condition that causes embarrassment, distress and even depression.  

At the Laser and Light Clinic we will listen to you, offer you the best laser/light treatment or combination for your hair type and location and give you realsitic expectations from laser hair removal.

We cannot promise to make you 100% hair free forever, but we do expect to give you upto 70% permanent reduction in 6-8 treatments.

To book a FREE consultation and FREE patch test, call 01509 266882.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment
Laser Hair Removal Changed My life - no its not a tabloid headline, its the truth!
I used to spend all my time worrying about my top lip.  I waxed (got thread veins) tried electrolysis (excruciating) and hair removal cream (burnt my skin).  Now after 4 treatments of laser on my top lip, I am virtually hair free.  It's the best £200 I ever spent.  
TK Loughborough
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