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Advanced Acne Treatments 

We absolutely understand how having acne can make a person feel and we love to see the change in their self confidence as the acne gets better and they start enjoying life looking good.

The Laser and Light Clinic has an internationally recognised acne programme with patients travelling from as far afield as Switzerland, Dubai, India, and the USA, to take advantage of our amazing success at treating even resistant acne.
We do of course have lots of UK based patients and they are able to travel to make the most of our Nlite Regenlite laser treatmentand the Omnilux Blue programme, but we are now delighted to be able to offer the advantages of proven blue light therapy for acne elimination in a portable at home system - LUSTRE.

Lustre is proven anitbacterial state of the art technology for you to use completely hands free at home and is a great way of gettign the benefits of a clinic treatment without the hassle of travelling.  What's more you can use it twice a day at home every day to get the sustained benefits to your skin.

Like all our consultations, speaking to the doctor for advice about your acne is free, confidential and without obligation, so if you would like to make an appointment, please call 01509 266882.

was so self concious of my acne that I was dreading starting University.  It was so lucky finding an Nlite clinic so close - I was ready to pay anything to sort out my face and in the end it cost less than we thought.  Within 3 months my skin was almost clear . We call Dr B the Magician, because she made my spots disappear! Most people I meet now can't believe I ever had bad skin 
JK Leicester 
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