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V Lift, V Lift Vlift - What an AMAZING treatment!!

We introduced V lift treatments to the clinic just over a year ago - adding some gentle lift and curve to the cheeks, support to the corners of the mouth and softening the nose to mouth lines in one quick, almost painless and virtually bruise free treatment, that lasts up to A YEAR!!

Today one of my patients said
'I am nearly 60 - I feel haggard- can you please make me look a bit fresher!'

As a beauty therapist she has great skin but has a groove under her eyes and volume loss in her cheeks that is 'dragging' her face down, and the corners of her mouth look dropped.

There is only one answer - VLIFT all the way!!!  £650 for an upper half lift

40 minutes later, without a visible mark on her face, my lady looked in the mirror and welled up as she said ' I think you've taken 10 years off my face!'  

I don't know about 10 years, but she look uplifted, fresh and more importantly, she felt fantastic.

Looking good and feeling good are inextricably linked in our heads - one feeds the other - my patient FELT brilliant because she LOOKED better!
Remember we all love the way it feels when we look the way we want to!

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Slimquick on 09 May 2013 03:01
I am very much overwhelmed by your thoughts for this particular story. A more deeper and staged knowledge would be good for me
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Anti Ageing Injections on 17 June 2013 11:28
The laser therapy is really working very well and lots of people try such laser treatment for the skin there is lots of benefits of this surgery..

natural medicine college on 20 June 2013 06:27
Laser therapy is any treatment using intense beams of light to precisely cut, burn, or destroy tissue.It will be useful to anyone who usess it, as well as myself. Keep doing what you are doing – i will definitely read more posts.

dental clinic in Rockville on 07 August 2013 04:56
Yes, such thoughts should always be shared by means of such blogs for the clarity.

Carotid Treatment in Indore on 06 August 2016 13:35
V lift is very nice and effective treatment to curve and lift the skin of face, this treatment is very helpful in providing softness to your mouth lines and lips. Thanks for sharing such a nice and helpful post.

Best and Economy Hotel in Indore on 20 August 2016 09:15
Yes, V lift is very nice and effective treatment!

ไฮโล on 10 April 2017 04:52
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Lipozene Side Effects on 10 May 2013 12:56
Now and then I’ll stumble across a post like this and I’ll recall that there really are still interesting pages on the web. ^_^. Thanks.
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Fraxel cost in Sydney on 15 July 2013 06:34
The topic of V lift treatment is new for me and I really enjoyed this convenient content which covers it beautifully. great job..

baccarat on 14 March 2016 06:35
Appreciate it a thousand in addition to remember to continue your fulfilling work

Lipozene on 18 May 2013 17:38
Advantageously, the article is really the best on this notable topic. I harmonize with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your approaching updates
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Ultimate firming serum on 24 July 2013 06:14
I have heard the V lift treatment at a first time and I must say that you have introduced it very well. I want to come back to read such informative content.

cosmetic surgery on 23 May 2013 06:54
This is very nice services for the skin care which is provided by your clinic i am searching for such services for the skin care..
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Stroke Treatment in Indore on 29 July 2016 12:37
Great information and great services are provided by your side for the amazing treatment of V Lift. Thanks for sharing such useful blog. Hope to see you soon.

Lipozene on 24 May 2013 13:53
Just stumbled across your blog and was instantly amazed with all the useful information that is on it. Great post, just what i was looking for and i am looking forward to reading your other posts soon!
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Lipozene on 04 June 2013 07:15
Online reading is not my thing. But after reading your blog I am really pleased. I don’t know about other blogs but this I will definitely keep coming back to.
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casinospelen on 11 June 2013 10:43
I recognised him as the painfully shy, hunched up, acne ridden boy that had come to my clinic with his mum some 6 months earlier. And here he was making eye contact and converstion with me!
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Laser and eye on 20 June 2013 07:10
All the efforts you put in the blog post is appreciable. Entire blog is informative and services and treatment for health is nice job. Looking forward to read more blogs and contents from you. Wish you luck!
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hvac seattle on 20 June 2013 07:34
As a beauty therapist she has great skin but has a groove under her eyes and volume loss in her cheeks that is 'dragging' her face down, and the corners of her mouth look dropped.
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Follow the link on 27 June 2013 02:27
What does this 'lift'? As there are tens of body treatments that pop out every month - I am a bit cautious to undergo any of them. How safe is this procedure?
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Michael Kors on 27 June 2013 09:03
will come back again for check more
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facial skin care on 02 July 2013 09:49
The radiesse v-lift is a new non surgical enhancement that provides proven results without botox in hull. I guess Ill just have to keep reading yours and hope that one day I can write on a subject with as much knowledge as youve got on this one!
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Lipozene on 10 July 2013 06:34
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breast reconstruction nyc on 23 July 2013 07:35
I like that you shares valuable information regarding Non -surgical process and about v lift it is really better option for those who are thinking for face lifts,keep up the good work.
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I honestly think you would have fully sold me on the idea had you been able to back up your premis with a substantial bit more solid facts.
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laser clinic in Singapore on 01 October 2013 08:46
With the help of V lift if the cheeks condition gets enhanced then surely I am going to opt for this treatment, as my cheeks are very unhealthy and I am looking for some treatment that can make my cheeks look healthy and chubby.
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With the assistance of V lift if the cheeks condition gets improved then without a doubt I am going to decide on this treatment, as my cheeks are extremely undesirable and I am searching for some treatment that can make my cheeks look solid and pudgy. Thanks!
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