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Botox (Vistabel/Dysport/Xeomin)
These are all often collectively known as 'botox' because they all contain the same toxin A that stops muscles from moving and smoothes wrinkles on the face.  Particularly good for the upper face, eg frown lines, crows feet, smile lines and brow furrows, Botox smoothes, lifts and can even be used to correct asymmetry and shape the eyebrows into a nice arch.  Lower face treatments include lifting the corners of the mouth, lifting the lip, and preventing the gum line from showing when smiling.

Medically Botox can be used to treat migraine, heavy eyelids, twitches in the face, excessive sweating (hyperhydrorsis), abd teeth grinding (bruxism.  Botox treatments can last anywhere from 3-6 months and have a cumulative/preventative effect over time.
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Restylane Introduction Video
These are commonly known as 'dermal fillers' and the brand names listed are all made of a natural substance called hyaluronic acid.  The body is full of hyaluronic acid and it attracts water and plumps skin, making it firm and healthy.
Hyaluronic acid dermal filler treatments are a natural and effective way of instantly filling lines, and wrinkles on the face, restoring volume and shaping the face.  Fillers, when correctly administered by an experienced injector, is soft and natural looking, and can last up to a year.
These products are synthetic fillers that stimulate collagen production.  It takes several weeks for new tissue to be produced so the effects are nopt instantaneous but they last for many months and even years.
Macrolane gracefully shapes your body.  The Laser and Light Clinic offers injectable breast contouring using this temporary hyaluronic acid filler, that last up to 2 years and can be done under local anaesthetic for around £4000